Organic mattresses and beds, made by hand in Devon, UK

Founders Mark Tremlett and Peter Tindall started out in the marine industry. Both sail and hated sleeping on the uncomfortable synthetic mattresses found on most yachts, and in trying to find a solution realised that natural fibres make the best mattresses as they are inherently self-ventilating. They designed a range for boats and when Mark’s wife became pregnant, they saw that almost all baby mattresses were made from the same synthetic foams. They wanted an entirely natural product to give their child the best night’s sleep—and with that, Naturalmat was born.

It was in 1999 when they set out to make the most sustainable, natural mattress in the world exploring the use of organic fibres, and today the same old boatyard by the River Exe in Devon is an award-winning company that handcraft mattresses, toppers, bed frames and bedding for babies through to adults, delivering them to residences, yachts and luxury hotels all over the world.

Why buy a Naturalmat?

“The real ethos about Naturalmat is that we do everything by hand. We feel you get much better control of the quality if you are manufacturing it yourself,” says Tindall. “We’re very fussy about the raw materials that we use, we don’t use any synthetics at all.” Every natural fibre used—local organic wool, organic cotton, natural latex and Fair Trade certified coir, among others—are from sustainable, renewable sources ensuring the least environmental impact.

Naturalmat generate their own electricity running their solar-powered factory, and even the packaging is eco-friendly—which are either derived from sugar cane, potato starch, or FSC certified paper. In 2020 they were awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development.

Better materials mean better sleep

  • Organic wool pillows and duvets.
  • We support the local farmers around us, the wool we use across our range is solely from certified organic farms within a 50-mile radius of our workshop.

  • Feather pillows and duvets.
  • A by-product of the food industry, and all traceable back to the farm they’re from, our feathers are sourced in compliance with the very strict European law on bird welfare.

  • 100% Cotton bed linen.
  • Both our white 500 thread count cotton and unbleached nursery bed linen are certified to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) so you know that the least amount of water and no pesticides have been used in its production, and the people who pick and process the product are treated well and paid fairly.

From Devon to Reykjavík

Our mission is to give our customers the very best shopping and sleep experience, so we’ve created a Sleep Zone which a very cosy, private area at the back of our showrooms where you can spend as much time as you’d like figuring out what mattress, topper or pillow works best for you—griðarstaður, as we say.

We take pride in our very personal customer service, and though we hold a small stock of standard sizes in our Reykjavík store, our team in Devon are very happy to handcraft almost any bespoke size in any custom fabric you choose. Come see us for a chat, our showroom really is a place worth visiting.